Driving the future of the luxury automotive industry the Genesis brand strives to deliver innovation visualized by design. Take a look at a few vehicles soon to hit the streets here in Plano, including the Genesis Mint, Genesis GV80, and Genesis Essentia.

Genesis Mint

All-electric and all-new, the Genesis Mint is sleek and sporty with its coupe body style and low chassis. Designed to be easy to maneuver and exciting to experience, the Mint gives off the image of a two-door car, but with secret scissor-doors in the rear to reveal that it is actually a car with four doors, though the rear doors offer access to the trunk space. This two-passenger car is expected to give a range of about 200 miles while offering a 350-kilowatt fast charging feature. The interior is sure to impress, offering premium seating materials and driver-assist features for daily driving.

The release date of the all-electric Genesis Mint is still up in the air, but early reports show that this is one subcompact that doesn't fall in line with the rest of its kind. That could also be proof that there is no other of its kind, and the Genesis Mint is filling a space in the market that until now nobody knew was empty.

Genesis GV80

Straight out of a sci-fi film, the Genesis GV80 concept offers a 22-inch wide curved screen that wraps around the instrument cluster and merges with the digital display. Aside from this exceptional addition to the interior, this luxury crossover concept uses fuel cell electric technology for a fuel-efficient drive you can appreciate. In the Genesis GV80, you and your passengers have access to capacitive touch inlay controls to help make four separate zones for customized comfort, entertainment, and more.

The Genesis GV80 is set to go on sale in early 2020.

Genesis Essentia

It seems Genesis has a talent for creating stylish and sporty coupes, and the Essentia is no exception. This concept is essential in the world of automotive advances, offering an electric engine for optimum efficiency. The Genesis Essentia concept also features a transparent front and rear for that futuristic appearance, along with an expected carbon-fiber chassis, carbon-fiber body panels, and a battery pack that is streamlined into a central location to afford this car to be seated as low as possible.

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